The World According To Fultonian
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Ken Fulton  
I'm just your average old fart, Christian, IT professional with a vanity website. Definition of Vanity Site from Urban Dictionary:
"Website ran by an individual or small group purely for its own amusement. The site may try to promote some cause or idea, though not necessarily."  (Please excuse their grammar)
So, I run this website for my amusement.  Actually as of this page update (20200425), I really haven't done anything with it as of late.  In fact while I have had several designs of the site since 1996, the last one was to add my own blog but I haven't posted to it since Valentine's day 2014!

I keep thinking I will blog again, but somehow it seems there just aren't enough hours in the day.

I suspect that the site has very few, if any, visitors.  Maybe I don't really need the site, or there is something wrong with me.