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Cute Grandkids
Kids say...
12/27/2012 3:16:01 PM
Mellow Greetings, Citizen.

You may know that we have 3 granddaughters. Everyone always told me that grandkids were great, but everyone understated it.

Anyway, Jael and I were talking about some of the things that the grandkids have said recently and she told me that we should be writing them down. Where? What document would we keep track of? So, I decided to do it here.

Last Sunday, we were on our way to church and we had Kira and Valerie with us. Jael was having a discussion with Kira about someway that Jael wanted Kira to behave. I turned to here and said, "You do realize that reasoning with a three-year-old has limited success." Jael acknowledge that she did.

Kira: "I'm a three-year-old."
Jael: "And I'm a five-year-old."
Ken: "Kira, do you believe that Ema is five?"
Kira: "No, she's six!
On Christmas day, Kira opened a gift that I had wrapped. It was an outfit and I put it in a Schwans frozen pizza box and people had joked with her that she got frozen pizza.

A little later, Cybil was opening a similar gift in a Schwan's pizza box. She unwrapped it and with the most serious expression, she said to me, "Epa, would you please put this in thr freezer for me?"

Gotta love it.

Be Well.
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