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Economic Abortion Story
Once Upon A Time
2/14/2014 4:08:26 PM
Mellow Greetings, Citizen.

A story for you...

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, an economic plague beset the land. Times were tough and jobs were scarce. The people were struggling to make a living and support their families.

Over the years, many of the elected leaders of the land - desiring power and influence - had encouraged the people to depend upon the government for everything. Many people wanted someone to care for them so that they wouldn't have to work to provide for themselves. The government became larger and larger. The people forgot that the government and all of its programs were funded by taxes paid by the people. As the years had passed and more and more people relied on the government to take care of them, there were fewer people still holding jobs and paying taxes. The government was struggling mightily to provide what they has promised to the people which only made the economic situation worse.

Finally, the government couldn't keep their promises and the leaders hit upon an idea to reduce some of the burden. A large portion of the people were older, retired people who relied soley on the government for everything including their healthcare. Therefore, the leaders decided that they would withhold expensive treatments even if that meant that the older people would suffer or die.

In addition, the government released an urgent decree and spread it througout the land. When the elderly reached a point at which they could no longer support and care for themselves, they became the responsibility of their children. Mom and Dad began leaving their homes and moving in with their children. The hardship increased on these families. The people began to cry out: "This isn't fair! It is an inconvenience to have to care for my parents! I can't afford to care for them! I won't be able to keep a job because I have to care for Mom and Dad!".

Realizing that the people were demanding change, the government decreed that any person who would percieve a hardship in having to care for and support their parents could have them euthanized.

A far-fetched fairy tale? How different is this from abortion on demand? Many times, women claim that they have to have an abortion because they can't afford to care for the child. "It isn't fair! I will be saddled with caring for this child and I don't even know who the father is!"

Perhaps it isn't fair. Perhaps it is going to be a hardship. However, an unwanted pregnancy is sometime a consequence of other actions and decisions. Perhaps those who aren't in a position to happily welcome a baby into the world should avoid that behavior which produces children.

Be Well!
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