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What is the Pizzalator?  Well friends, the pizzalator is kinda like a calculator for pizza.  Say you're hanging out around the house and you get a hankering for a great pie.  All at once, you remember that the day before you got one of those ad things in the mail for a local pizza shop.  Now they say that if you buy a large pizza, they will give you a medium for free.  But, your usual place is having a special of a large for $5.98.  Which is the better deal?  That is where the pizzalator comes in.  Just enter the number of pizzas, their sizes, and the price and it will tell you how much you will pay per square inch.  Do that with the deal from the other place, and you can compare to see which one is the better deal.
 Number of Pizzas (1-5)
 Pizza #1 Diameter: 

 Are all the pizzas the same size? 
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 If no, enter other sizes below...

 Pizza #2 Diameter: 
 Pizza #3 Diameter: 
 Pizza #4 Diameter: 
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 Total Price:

Reference Chart
Pizza Shop Small Medium Large X-Large Giant
Domino's* 10" 12" 14" 16"  
Little Caesar's   12" 14" 16" 18"
Napolis 9" 12" 14"   16"
Papa John's 10"   16" 18"  
* Some Domino's Stores also have an additional size.   Although I don't know what they call it, I do know it is a 6" pie.