Fultonian says,  "I never met a Pizza I didn't like."
Who could possibly resist the warm tangy goodness of a fresh, hot, crunchy crusted, topping falling, cheese oozing pizza? Of course we all eat the crust first, right? (I have been eating pizza this way for years- long before Pizza Hut came up with stuffed crust and a "new" way to eat pizza.) That way, we save the best part of the pizza for last. Now some people like to argue that the crust IS the best part. To those folks I say:
"Then why bother with the toppings at all?"

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No online ordering  An old standby.  Good consistent pizza.  Fair value.
No Online Ordering.  Reasonable Pizza.  While not a favorite, their special seasonings packets and their $5 anytime deal brings them up a notch..
naplogo.gif (2888 bytes) In my neck of the woods, click on the logo and you can order a hot, fresh, delicious Pizza delivered to your door!  One of the best values around.  Make sure to check their specials.  Interesting idiosyncrasy: The giant size is significantly better than any other.  I suspect it has something to do with the proportion of sauce on a giant compared to the others.  Website recently improved so they will verify your order online instead of insisting that you get offline to receive a telephone call.

Online ordering only in selected cities but very nice web site which will tell you if a particular location is open or closed.  Love their garlic sauce and peppers that come with regular pizza.  If you like thin-crust pizza, be sure to try PJ's new thin crust.  Thin crust pizza comes with a little (but more than sufficient volume) container of spices for an extra zing.  Reasonable value.  **I had a bit of a difficulty with the local PJ's over a delivery order.  Without going into detail, I ended up giving them feedback via their website and they were very responsive.

Standard Fultonian favorite (thin crust pepperoni, breadsticks), but I must confess that with the exception of the lunch buffet, I don't patronize PH much.  They are simply too expensive...
The Pizza Place Local.  Very similar to Sbarro.  Excellent Sicilian (thick crust) Pizza.  Very fast delivery.  I am unaware of a website for The Pizza Place.  If you know of one, let me know!   
Pizza and Grill
Local.  A favorite...  Full Italian fare, but also excellent Pizza including many varieties of "stuffed" pizza.
Usually find these in food courts in mall.  Not cheap, but good.  Be sure to try their "stuffed pizza".  No delivery.
Recipes! Mostly home recipes...

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