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Death and Taxes
12/17/2012 5:25:07 PM
Mellow Greeting, Citizen.
I am by no means rich. I have never been rich. Most likely, I will never be rich. I don't mind paying my share, but I think others should pay their fair share as well.

Nearly 50% of the American people pay no income taxes. I realize that most of these people pay *some* taxes. They probably pay taxes on everything they buy and if they own any property, they probably pay some sort of property tax. Why don't they pay income tax?

There is a big debate going on right now - actually a better word might be battle. The battle is over solving the "Fiscal Cliff". The Republicans and Democrats are arguing over how to settle the issue. I have a question: What are the Republicans doing? Did they make some back room deal with the Democrats to go along with tax increases? Do they have no memory? Some of them are saying that there needs to be significant spending cuts and they are willing to give way on tax increases if the Democrats will agree to the spending cuts. DON'T DO IT! They will make the deal, taxes will go up, but the cuts will never come - at least no cuts significant enough to make a difference and even offset the tax increases. That is the way it always happens.

Shouldn't we tax the rich at a higher rate than "regular folks"?! Why would we? Why should we? As I said before, I'm not rich, but it doesn't seem fair that they should have to pay an even higher percentage of what they earn than they do now. The majority of the money that the government collects is through taxes of the rich. Don't people understand that it is the rich that stimulate growth by expanding their business or starting new businesses which create jobs? In turn, people have money because they are working and can buy things that they need and want. There are fewer unemployed people, so that means less money spent on social services (which the government shouldn't be involved in to begin with, but that is a discussion for another time).

The bottom line is that the money that the government spends is money that they have collected from the people. It is very easy for Congress, the President, and all of the government officials to spend money that isn't theirs.

Be Well…
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